Our Story

it all begins with a shared love for the beautiful and the unusual

Behind Classical Elements is the husband and wife team of Stuart and Leyla Gans. While working for a textile company owned by Stuart’s father, they discovered a mutual passion and complementary skillsets for creating one-of-a-kind luxury trimmings. Leyla is the artist. Her radical and refined visions set the trends others can only follow. Stuart is the operator. Possessed with an uncanny sense of color and a vast network of suppliers, he knows just the right artisans and locales to source and manufacture Leyla’s creations.  Together through the years they built a team of the top level designers to challenge these mills to produce the finest in passamenterie and drapery hardware.

Driven by an obsession to create uncommonly beautiful designs, this symbiotic partnership of art and industry has defined Classical Elements from its inception.  Sourcing from Europe,Vietnam, Indonesia, China, the Philippines and India, the company is known for cross-pollinizing materials, techniques and cultural influence to make luxury trim and hardware impossible to find anywhere else. Specializing in collaboratively designed projects, Classical Elements’ clients are the most well known design and home décor brands in the home decor industry.

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